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Music, Intro, and 1 new move

I’ve been working nicely the past two days. Did more work in the past week than since the beginning of the year. lol. Anyways, this next video shows the beginning (which is of course not finished since you’ll be staring at a blank screen for most of it but you’ll get the picture) before the title screen. Just a little intro movie. Then to the unfinished title screen. The music for it is the actual theme music for Tears, an original piece by me. The move that is highlighted in this video is the dash move. You do it by ducking and then pressing right or left on the thumbstick. If I haven’t mentioned in the other blog, I am trying to make this game a twin-shooter per se, basically using both thumbsticks for attacks and movements. You will have the right bumper for jumping, but I’ll see how the control set up goes during testing. Enjoy  and “Go Laugh Yourself!”

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