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Playing Around

So I did a little bit of work over the week. I made two more animations for the enemy sprite (yes, he looks like raiden because of the hat, so what?), one is shown in the video below. The video is just me playing around. I added my own sprites I made that will be used in the backgrounds for the game (it’s the 5th “set” of backgrounds). I’m going to need that so I don’t have to pay anybody royalties.

After playing around I noticed that I could duck right after I jumped in the air and because my position is based off of velocity, I “slide” when I hit the ground. This is interesting to me because it can make for some fun things in the game. Imagine having to jump then duck to get into a little space. The video also shows you a little bit of speed (of course I’ll fine to the controls and backgrounds) so you speed racers out there can probably use this game to get a nice time. 🙂 Note that the video is skipping some frames. So enjoy the video, comment, do whatever, just “Go Laugh Yourself!”

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Tears Content Update

I’ve been working a little bit on Tears today and I have another little treat for you guys. It’s nothing spectacular, just a little snippet of me playing the game. I just added an animation of one of the enemies (currently the only enemy I have created) to be running. Before it was just one static sprite moving, but now it’s animated. I have to fix one little thing when he flips over but it’s nothing serious. Well here it is, Go Laugh Yourself!

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